Name: Floyd
Age: 1 enos
Species: Capsuli
Defined As: Genetically Engineered
Siblings: None
Parental Relationship:

        Father: Eye Dropper
        Mother: H20
        Favorite Foods: Foods with high
        density of water ex.
        Interests: Strategy based
        board games
        Makes Friends: Why bother

Name: Brewster
Age: 23 enos
Species: Basalian
Defined As: Basal, the metabolic
rate the body burns calories
Siblings: Brother, 16 enos
Parental Relationship: Married
but Distant

        Father Occupation: Metabolic
        Mother Occupation: Real
        Estate Agent
        Favorite Foods: All foods, very         adventurous eater
        Interests: Collecting Hats
        Makes Friends: Very easily

Name: Eugene
Age: 21 enos
Species: Ketosian
Defined As: Ketosis reduces
appetite, results in very lean
and low body fat
Siblings: None

        Parental Relationship:
        Comfortably married
        Father Occupation: Custodial
        Supervisor for school district
        Mother Occupation: Phone Operator
        Favorite Foods: All kinds of soup
        Interests: Reading and Anatomy
        Makes Friends: Not very easily

Name: Watan
Age: 25 enos
Species: Androgenican
Defined As: A hormone that
produces male characteristics
Siblings: Sister, 15 enos
Parental Relationship:
Happily Married

              Father Occupation: Physician
              Mother Occupation: Physician
              Favorite Foods: Meats,               Fruits, Vegetables
              Interests: Teaching
              and Cooking
              Makes Friends: Very easily

Name: Kahli
Age: 25 enos
Species: Androgenican
Defined As: A hormone that produces
or accentuates male characteristics
Siblings: 5 older brothers,
2 older sisters
Parental Relationship: Married

     Father Occupation: Vice President
     of a barbell manufacturing company
     Mother Occupation: Stay at home Mom
     Favorite Foods: Sour pickles, fruits
     and vegetables
     Interests: Taking over the Kingdom
     Makes Friends: Does not want      friends

Name: Touche
Age: 21 enos
Species: Tendononian
Defined As: Tough cord of dense
fibrous tissue that connects
muscle and bone
Siblings: None, he's the last of his race
Parental Relationship: Both are

          Father Occupation: Vitamin
          Plant Worker
          Mother Occupation: Vitamin
          Plant Secretary
          Favorite Foods: Lots of meat,           little vegetables
          Interests: Star Gazing
          Makes Friends: Doesn't know